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Digital Games Studant, 20 yo

I like to to develop games, applications or any kind of creative work I'm also very good at rhythm games :D

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Monkey Beat

"Monkey Beat" was a project made for LudumDare42 game jam.

Monkey Beat is a one-button rhythm game heavily inspired by PaRappa the Rapper. In this game you will face charming characters in rap battles.

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"Abrasileirados" is a board game based on the real history of the city of Americana, the proposal was to create a board game that happens in the Americana city. In addition to the physical copy of the game was also ported to the Steam Workshop of the game Tabletop Simulator.

We are in the late 19th century on the grounds of the "Village of the Americans". In Abrasileirados players are participants in the council that governs those lands. The Village, however, was founded by Confederate immigrants who want to impose their ideals and their laws on the Village. The Brazilians will try to prevent the advance, but there are Confederates secretly infiltrated in the small government.

Complete manual(only in portuguese).

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In Another Hell World With Military Girls

"In Another Hell World With Military Girls" is a first person shooter, dating-simulator that offers the two-in-one experience of romance and survival with guns!

"This is a pretty entertaining mashup of Duke 3D and Ren'py dating sim games!" -David Rosen

The Protagonist opens his eyes once again, but, this time, he must deal with the unexpected. Awakening in a new world, he has the chance to save his future- or face the consequences of the past. Find out what it really means to be a Protagonist, and, perhaps, find love in the battlefield as two girls are willing to help you survive!

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Love is a pure and simple feeling, but sometimes things get out of their way and we get into trouble because of it.

In this game you will draw Dino's path to help him fulfil his love quest!

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Between Four Walls

A WarioWare inspired game about situations that people lives in their homes.

Those simple and sometimes silly situations contribute to create a real home, with memories, feelings, knowledge and everything a real home provides for us.

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Art Gallery

Original Character walking cicle.

Fanart of the character "Lum" from the anime "Urusei Yatsura"

Fanart of the character "Nadeko Sengoku" from the anime series "Monogatari"

Original character from a future project(WIP)

Two original characters from a medieval RPG project

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Dangers Afloat

A game full of mischief and mistrust, find where is the tresure and who is the traitor!,Local multiplayer with up to 6 players, Cooperative strategy, communication is the key to win, High replayability with procedurally generated maps, Use your phones as controllers, only one computer is necessary.

I see ye want to become pirates nay? On the phones of each one is a map with all thee dangers lurking on thee sea already charted. However these maps be incomplete, some informations on a map that can be present on one but be not present on another. At each match there will be a single traitor in the beginning of the game ye will be informed if ye are or not thee traitor. If ye are NOT thee traitor ye must try to reach thee treasure to win. But if ye ARE ye must try to make the ship sink before if reaches the treasure! A pirate can’t sail with an empty stomach! Each movement of the ship will consume a supply of food, because of this is important to consider to get some food scattered on the ocean before ye starve.

The traitor has one advantage above the all the players, while the rest of the crew has old and incomplete maps, the traitor has a map with all the dangers detailed all to himself. Traitor use the power of information to deceive the others, and rest of the crew try to identify the traitor and don’t fall for his lies! Good luck and a great treasure hunting!

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Entropy Scramble: Cats doing science!

This is the story of a cat that played with reality like a knit ball and thus tied himself to a fateful destiny, one which even its brilliant mind may not be able to escape from.

After several failed projects, the cat in an act bordering genius and stupidity, decides to try to remove gravity simply by writing that it does not exist in his physics manual.

To the surprise of Zaroy dePawsee it works, and the feline flies happily with his discovery. But his inconsequential actions do not stop there.

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